Code of Conduct

CT Dynasty Basketball Club expects exemplary conduct by all program participants, up to and including players, coaches, referees, parents, and supportive spectators. Appropriate conduct must be maintained always to provide a safe athletic environment, exemplify good sportsmanship, fair play, and sense community. All student-athletes are to promote the highest standard of conduct always, including competitive events, community volunteering, entertainment outings as well as in house practices.


CT Dynasty’s family will:

  1. Respect all players, coaches, referees, parents, and spectators.

  2. Remember that basketball is for the children and we all should have fun watching them play,

  3. Remember no taunting, making negative comments toward players, coaches, referees, or parents will be tolerated.

  4. Remember we always respect the gym and the team we are playing.

  5. Parents remember to refrain from yelling out player instructions to the team during any on-going game. This will minimize the players from being confused and ultimately becoming frustrated by multiple and or conflicting directives.

  6. Recognize the effort of all players and remember that all players deserve positive encouragement.

  7. We must all live to teach and show One Team Mission Vision.


CT Dynasty’s players will:

  1. Play and have fun.

  2. Exemplify excellent sportsmanship by shaking the hands of all coaches and players of both home and opposing team.

  3. Always respect their and other player’s parents, teammates, coaches, opponents, and referees.

  4. Always follow directions and instructions provided by any member of CT Dynasty.

  5. Support and encourage teammates.

  6. Always put forth 100% effort at all times.

  7. Value skill development, competition, and hard work. Understand that effort will determine the outcome of our team success.


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