Core Values



CT Dynasty partners with community organizations to enhance the student-athlete by providing supplemental educational and community service outreach within the community at-large.. These partnerships allow out kids to earn volunteer hours by creating opportunities for them to serve in various ways while providing opportunities to develop leadership, a sense of community and a culture of paying it forward.




CT Dynasty is very supportive of all ethnic groups; we believe our strength is found in the diversity of our kids and their parents.


Ethical Standard


CT Dynasty promotes a culture of good sportsmanship. This core value is critical part to providing a competitive environment that is guided by fairness, integrity, and community.


Standard of Excellence


CT Dynasty enforces the concept student-athlete. CT Dynasty services student-athletes, the operative word being, student first. Excellence, integrity, and leadership are expected to begin in education first.


Lack of commitment of excellence in education will directly impact the student-athlete’s ability to participate in athletic (basketball games) events. If for any reason a student-athlete does not exemplify such standard of excellence in school, the student-athlete is expected to be in attendance of sporting events and support his teammates. All coaching staff will partner with student-athlete’s parents to maintain a plan of redirection and/or consequence for the student-athlete. It is the belief of CT Dynasty that winning and excellence must be a standard maintained on and off the court; and collaboratively presents a standard of expectation for our students that their best in every area is our top tier expectation. . In doing so, we achieve our motto One Team,  One Vision, One Mission.




CT Dynasty believes in providing multi-disciplinary life skills that can transform beyond the court. Basketball is our platform, but education is our business.


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