The mantra of CT Dynasty Basketball Club is: “One Team, One Vision, One Mission”. In addition, CT Dynasty understands that a confident student-athlete that is confident will believe in themselves both on and off the court. The education component of our program is what sets us apart from other local basketball programs. CT Dynasty does not believe in serving solely the athlete, however we serve the student-athlete. Setting the standard that “education takes priority over basketball”. With the bar set at maintaining a B average or above and adhere to any and all codes of conduct within their respective classrooms/schools and the like. We are committed to shaping the leaders of tomorrow in our community and the world at-large.


In partnering with the parents, CT Dynasty has developed a Book Club that meets twice a month to read books selected by our Academic Coordinator. We are sponsored by Scholastic Literacy Program. During the Book Club sessions the student-athlete is monitored for reading, comprehension, composition, written and oral presentation abilities. This format is designed to be able to identify any area(s) of concern that may require additional training/tutoring. Ultimately, we create an intimate environment to develop a confident student-athlete. When a student-athlete is confident it transitions to every other area of their life.


The confidence of our student-athlete is not simply developed academically, but also strengthened through community volunteer opportunities, social gatherings, etc. Thus, cementing a brotherhood that is evident in how the team interacts with one another both on and off the court.


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